Ervin Somogji: The Responsive Guitar

The Responsive Guitar


These landmark publications offer info from one of the most-revered luthiers of our times. No publication has ever presented trade secrets and practical information to truly change the way a person makes or appreciates the steel-stringed guitar. Ervin Somogyi is a Hungarian-born master luthier whose guitars are renowned for their responsiveness and tone - trademarks for a great guitar. After almost five decades of making this instrument, teaching and writing about the development and construction of the guitar, Somogyi reveals the methods, techniques and philosophy behind his legendary instruments. "The Responsive Guitar" is about physics, dynamics, acoustics and construction of the guitar. It's about the mechanics of tone; what materials to build with, when to add or remove wood for maximum benefit, and why those techniques work. Somogyi explains in exquisite detail how the guitar makes sound, and what musicians and luthiers need to know in order to appreciate a really well-made guitar. This book sets the foundation for the matching volume "Making the Responsive Guitar"."Making the Responsive Guitar" is the second volume on a two-volume set of books that set out the principles and methods of building fine hand-made guitars. Where Volume 1 sets up the knowledge, this book is about how to build a guitar, from the very first step to the last. "This book will be the textbook for guitar makers for the next generation." (Jason Kostal, Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie). "The violin has Stradivri, The Classical guitar has Torres. The steel string guitar has Somogyi." (Jordan McConnell The Duhks). "The 2-book Boxed Set": This limited edition silver-embossed, facsimile-autographed, slipcase holds both books. These books are essential for anyone who is interested in a comprehensive account of the modern guitar, and how a highly responsive guitar is made. Author Ervin Somogyi is arguably one of the most knowledgeable hand-makers of steel string guitars in the world. He has been in the ranks of American Lutherie since before it is official beginning in 1972. Somogyi has written over 100 articles on every aspect of lutherie and taught and lectured widely in US, China and Japan.

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Author: Ervin Somogji
Number of Pages: 624 pages
Published Date: 01 Mar 2011
Publisher: Luthier's Press
Publication Country: Oakland, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780982320730
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