Sandra Hill,: Pearl Jinx

Pearl Jinx


The Jinx Inc. treasure-hunting company has a new mission - to find the 'cave pearls' rumoured to exist in the bottom-most cavity of an ancient cave. But first, mission leader Caleb Peach has to find an expert consultant. An ex-Navy SEAL, Caleb is used to getting his man but Dr Claire Cassidy, archaeologist extraordinaire, is proving hard to pin down. Only after he tracks her down on her fishing holiday and proves that Jinx Inc. is an upstanding, responsible company does she sign on the dotted line. The attraction is immediate but Caleb and Claire are very different people. He's buttoned up and goes by the book and still carries a lot of bitterness because of a painful past. She's a free spirit and truly self-sufficient and independent, yet she's not opposed to the possibility of love in her life. With Claire's help, along with the assistance of Cajun Healer, Tante Lulu, Caleb and his family reconcile. At about the same time, adventure and hilarity abound as the crew of Jinx Inc. begin the search for and find the fabled cave pearls.

More than fifty years after their occurrence, the events of the Holocaust remain for some of their most dedicated students as morally and intellectually baffling, as 'unthinkable', as they were at their first rumouring. Reading the Holocaust, first published in 2002, challenges that bafflement, and the demoralization that attends it. Exploring the experience of the Holocaust from both the victims' and the perpetrators' points of view, as it appears in histories and memoirs, films and poems, Inga Clendinnen seeks to dispel what she Pearl Jinx download PDF calls the 'Gorgon effect': the sickening of imagination and curiosity and the draining of the will that afflict so many of us when we try to look squarely at the persons and processes implicated in the Holocaust. Searching, eloquent and elegantly written, her book is an uncompromising attempt to extract the comprehensible from the unthinkable.

Author: Sandra Hill,
Number of Pages: 384 pages
Published Date: 02 Aug 2007
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Publication Country: New York, NY, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780446616515
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